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Technology on the go and software for the constant traveler, we make it possible.Our company has good experience in mobile programming, including implementation of application programs, utilities and network tools.

We have extensive experience in development of mobile software for such application fields as IP telephony, informational guides and databases, sales automation, online content distribution and many others.

Mobile Development Technologies
Today our company develops software for mobile operating systems like Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.

Low-level native programming (C/C++ -based) is nowadays the most popular direction for mobile software development. It is firstly connected with high requirements for the efficiency of applications for handheld devices, especially for smartphones.Using J2ME and .NET Compact Framework technologies is another popular programming direction. J2ME technology enables to develop multiplatform applications for handheld devices. .NET Compact Framework is a framework used in windows mobile programming that brings managed code and XML Web services to mobile devices. These technologies greatly simplify the process of mobile programming also allowing software developers to take full advantage of the device capabilities.


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What we do

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